July 5, 2022: Project update – I've published the first series of portraits in an online gallery on this site. I'm taking a short break but do intend to keep this going and maybe take it in new directions.
I'm working on a portrait project that will document high school students, from the FWAFA Class of 2022, via black and white portraits, over the next several months. 
As I've been watching Owen adjust to online school and social distancing, I can't but wonder if I could have managed as well, or how I would have felt in my high school days. 
This inspired me to make a (stylized) visual record of Owen and his classmates (and a few teachers) during these months between the shutdown of normal classes and the formation of whatever is next.
I'd like to photograph each student who wants to be part of the project in their driveway or yard, outdoors.
When taking photos, I will wear a cloth mask and stay physically distant from the subject, and anyone else present, at all times. 
I'd like for each student to be photographed alone. They can wear whatever they'd like but it'd be best if they wore the same clothes they'd wear for a "normal" day at school/home during the 2020 school year "stay-at-home" orders. 
For those who participate, I'll happily share digital downloads of 2-3 photos per set so you can download and use them however you like. 
You MUST sign and return a standard model release to me or I won't be able to use your photos at all. 
This is a documentary art project. It's not a commercial venture and is not in any way associated with FWAFA. There is no charge for the photos taken or shared. I do not sell any of the data gathered via release forms or photography collaborations.
Please contact me to set an appointment, or if you have any questions. Thanks for your consideration.
Thank you!
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