Photo by Amber Shumake, 2018.

I’m a writer and editor based in Fort Worth, Texas. I've spent over two decades as a journalist covering the internet and the future of communications for CRN, D Magazine (D CEO), Light Reading, Red Herring, UPSIDE magazine and others. 
I'm a photographer, as are we all. 
My portraits are simple, straightforward and usually shot on black & white film. In each one, to some degree, I'm using an abstraction of my subject's likeness to reveal a little bit about what I'm feeling.  
My other photos -- the textures, tourist traps and city scenes -- are "thank you" notes to the piles of magazines that showed me a world beyond public school libraries and windowless churches.
Everything I Ever Learnt (Alison Richard Building, University of Cambridge - Cambridge, U.K.)
Life in Analog: A Juried Film Photography Exhibition (Fort Works Art - Fort Worth, Texas)
Shutter Hub OPEN Encore (5&33 Gallery - Amsterdam)
Contemporary Portrait: A National Juried Exhibition (The Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts - Lubbock, Texas)
Shutter Hub OPEN 2018 (Old Truman Brewery - London)
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